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Robert Bruce is the internationally bestselling author of several groundbreaking books exploring such mysteries as the human energy body and its Chakras, astral projection, the out-of-body experience, lucid dreaming, kundalini, mind’s-eye vision, spiritual and psychic development, Ascension, metaphysics, psychic security, spirit entities, and manifestation. He is a true spiritual pioneer of our times, dedicated to exploring the dynamics of all things spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal. Robert Bruce is constantly testing the boundaries of the greater reality through his day to day life.

Robert began experiencing OBE at the age of four, and raised his Kundalini to its highest level in his early thirties, and many times since. Kundalini is not a ‘do it once and its done’ phenomenon. He describes his life before Kundalini as a series of educational awakening events, leading to his spiritual rebirth in the Australian wilderness. His experience-driven approach to life has resulted in profound contact with his higher self, and other divine beings. Currently residing in Australia, he lectures internationally and conducts online workshops, teaching energy work, astral projection, spiritual and psychic development, manifestation, Raising Kundalini, and psychic security. You can find him on the World Wide Web at www.astraldynamics.com (premium content) and www.astraldynamics.org (free community site) where you will find a wealth of information on the life and work of Robert Bruce.
Robert Bruce (born 1956) is an English-born mystic author, currently living in Australia. Bruce is best known for his Tactile Imaging system of body awareness energy work, and his exploration of out of body experience, which first became public in the early 1990s. His groundbreaking energy work system, Body Awareness Tactile Imaging, is the cornerstone of all his work. His first major book, Astral Dynamics, was first published in 1999, by Hampton Roads, VA, USA, and is now in its second edition, which has sold over 200,000 copies to date.In 2008, Robert Bruce was listed as the world’s foremost OBE expert by EnlightenNext magazine. Bruce also publishes articles for several magazines, including New Dawn Magazine.


Research and theories

Robert Bruce’s influences include Robert Monroe and Franz Bardon and other authors in the field of out-of-body experience and mysticism.

Energy Body DevelopmentbruceGlobal_astralDynamics_images_JPG_newsletterRobertBruce_200x240

Whilst prototyping a kinesethetic-based visualisation-free method of astral projection – out of body experience – for blind people, Bruce discovered an easy new form of mental focus called tactile imaging, which is based on the sense of touch. This method was released in the mid-1990s in Bruce’s tutorials, including New Energy Ways, or NEW for short, and The Treatise on OBE. Robert claims that the sensations caused by Tactile Imaging are caused by pre-movement neuron charging and discharging, and that this activity directly stimulates the human energy body and its Chakras. This finding is in accordance with the claims of Eckhart Tolle and the Taoist teachings of Mantak Chia.

Where possible, Bruce avoids traditional Eastern terms commonly used for aspects of the human energy body, considering them barriers to Western understanding. Bruce believes that many Eastern ‘visualisation’ practices were not designed to be visual at all, with this interpretation being received by the West solely due to translation issues. By this reasoning, Western visualisation-based practices are largely misguided and ineffectual, whereas through explicitly working directly with kinesthetic visceral sensations, superior results are possible in a much shorter time. The direct nature of Bruce’s NEW system includes several of the qualities of a biofeedback system, most notably instant gauging of stimulative success. This additional intuitiveness over visualisation is claimed to allow noticeable results in a matter of a few minutes. Tolle taught a method of focusing on physical body awareness as a way of connecting with The Now, that has similarities to the principles of Bruce’s Tactile Imaging methods, but Tolle does not offer a system of energy work per se.

Through exploratory manipulation of the human energy body with NEW, Bruce has mapped out energy centres and pathways on the human body beyond the standard 7 spinal chakras. In his terminology, Taoist dantians are termed “energy storage centers”, and Vedic chakras become “primary energy centers”.

Astral Projection

A key concept in Bruce’s theory of astral projection is the Mind Split Effect. In contrast to the traditional view that astral projectors completely leave their physical bodies empty of consciousness during any form of OBE, Bruce’s interpretation is that all aspects of physical consciousness remain within the physical body, and that a duplication process is at work. According to this theory, after duplication, aspects of a projector’s consciousness operate independently outside of the physical body, building up a separate but simultaneous memory traces that compete for recallable memory storage when they recombine (cf. Schroedinger’s cat), confusing later recollections. Furthermore, Bruce claims that Astral Projection (conscious OBE) is actually very easy to accomplish, but that it is also very difficult to remember after the fact, due to complications with subtle memory storage and access by the awake mind.

Practical Psychic Self-Defense

Bruce has extensive paranormal life experience from an early age, experiencing and researching dark forces, including psychic attacks, poltergeist activity, and other such dark force attacks. This is reflected in his ground-breaking book, The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook, published by Hampton Roads, VA, USA. This book provides many practical countermeasures for overcoming Neg attacks and influences. Neg = any spiritual force that has a negative effect upon living humans. Bruce’s methods, by and large, are very different from any other source of information you might find on psychic defense, and also simpler and much more effective. The reason for this is, according to Bruce’s working theories, that when a person is under Neg attack, their minds are so destabilized that they cannot focus enough to read a single page of information, let alone apply complex meditations and rituals. If you have every experienced a full-blown psychic/entity attack you will understand.

Bruce’s countermeasures are based on his own personal experience of surviving actual high-level dark force attacks. Bruce’s practical methods include the use of running water, electrical grounding, and fumigation with incense and other substances, and simple banishments. These practical methods require no prior experience and are easy to apply and very effective. The metaphysics and psychology of what is happening is also investigated, with methods given for removing what Bruce calls ‘Core Images’ from the mind and ‘Attachment Points from the body.

The Afterlife Experience

Robert Bruce has studied and explored The Afterlife Experience his entire life. This includes visiting the spirit worlds, which is where living beings go to after physical death. His work includes studying the afterlife experiences of both humans and animals. Robert published a feature article called The Afterlife Experience, in New Dawn Magazine, in 2012. Robert plans to produce a major book on The Afterlife Experience.



Bruce has presented lectures and workshops internationally since 2003, where he instructs in methods to raise chi, shen, and ching energies for spiritual development, self healing, and Astral Projection. Bruce also teaches techniques for projection into the Astral Planes and the Real Time Zone, has spoken at the University of Virginia USA, and has co-hosted residential courses on these subjects with Maureen Caudill at The Monroe Institute.

Bruce also provides tutorials and articles, and consulting services, on all his major topics through the Internet, including online training workshops for energy work and astral projection, Raising Kundalini, and spiritual and health problems, including psychic attack issues, through his websites and forums.

Bruce took a hiatus from giving live presentations from 2009 to 2015, to focus on research and exploration of other aspects of his work. He is returning to his public work in October of 2015, with a one day event on Kundalini and Ascension, in Perth Western Australia, at UWA. Future events will include Bruce’s other topics and other cities, including longer workshops. Bruce is also looking at giving seminars in New Zealand, and Bali.



Programs: Bruce has created an extensive series of online video-based tutorial programs, including, Astral Projection Mastery, Raising Kundalini, and Manifestation and Self Healing. Another program will soon be released, called: Defense Against The Dark Arts. See www.AstralDynamics.com
Bruce coauthored a popular eBook ‘Evolution’ with Timothy Donaghue, which is available through his main website www.AstralDynamics.comFree Tutorials: Early text-based versions of Bruce’s tutorials can be found at www.AstralDynamics.org and www.Astraldynamics.com/homePrivate Consultations can be arranged through www.astraldynamics.comRobert Bruce has a popular blog where he shares his thoughts at www.blog.astraldynamics.com


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  • 2011 – The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide – Hampton Roads VA ISBN 1-57174-639-0
  • 2011 – Evolution: What You Need To Know About How To Be Successful With Spirituality (eBook)

Online Video Series


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